Lift Hands Vol.5


Editor’s Note

Far Vel Scott Caldwell Nasser Butt

The River Finds Its Way Dr. Gregory T. Lawton

Bridging The Gap – The Kua Krish Pillay

The 12 Deadly Katas Peter Jones

The 12 Secret Rings of the Yang Family Part Four: The Root Methods/Qigong
Nasser Butt

Nihontō Jamie Seal

Training Methods For Martial Arts: Yòubǔ Shŏu – Trapping Hands Peter Jones

20 Questions: Shihan Keith Priestley

Old Yang Posture Names Nasser Butt

Hadjios Valley T’ai Chi Ch’uan Weekend Camp 2018 Cyprus Booking Details

Ciao Corbetta – Italy Workshop 2017 – A Report Nasser Butt

Great Pole Boxing: The Theory
with Commentary & Note by Erle Montaigue

Peasant Talk

Useful Contacts

The Art of Louiseneige Be

Lift Hands Magazine Vol.5