Lift Hands Vol.4


Editor’s Note

I Must Breathe
Dr. Gregory T. Lawton

The 12 Deadly Katas – A Brief Introduction PeterJones

Kaizen 2017 Nasser Butt

The 12 Secret Rings of the Yang Family Part Three: The Physical Side/Cornerstones
Nasser Butt

The Tai Chi Ball: Training To Make Movement Work Thomas Staples & Alan Ludmer

Training Methods For Martial Arts: Wooden Man
Nasser Butt

20 Questions: The General – Tony Bailey

The Female Warrior Katherine Loukopoulos

Hadjios Valley Resort T’ai Chi Ch’uan Weekend 2017 A Report

Tai Chi Is The Dance Of Life Amanda Barrell

The Song of Movement

Peasant Talk

Useful Contacts

The Art of Louiseneige Be

Lift Hands Magazine Vol.4