Lift Hands Vol.2


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The Sweet Spot…And The Relevance Of A Single Bone In The Foot
Colin Power

Falling Petals In Stillness Dr. Gregory T. Lawton

The 12 Secret Rings of the Yang Family Part One: Form/Rolling Thunder
Nasser Butt

Characteristics Of Chen’s Xiao Jia Alan Sims

Training Methods For Martial Artists: Systema – The Floor
Mikey Wright

Ken Zen Ichi Nyo (The Fist and Zen are One) Katherine Loukopoulos

20 Questions With Katherine Loukopoulos Sensei

How To Begin The Study Of Joining (Push) Hands (A Basic Overview)
Nasser Butt

Hadjios Valley Resort T’ai Chi Ch’uan Weekend 2017 Booking Details

Peasant Talk

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The Art of Louiseneige Be

Lift hands Magazine Vol.2