Lift Hands Vol.16


Editor’s Note

The House of Mouse The Art of Amy Faulkner

A Root Seeker From Across The Ocean China Wushu Magazine, 1985

10 Years Already! Peter Jones

Erle Montaigue, The ‘Old’ Yang and a Bunch of Chinese Blokes
Nasser Butt

Yang Cheng-fu Form — The Martial View Peter Jones

‘Just Watch’… Erle Montaigue Colin Power

The Plough: The Wudang Hand Weapons Part 4 Nasser Butt

That Lunatic In The Book Steve Morris

Falling & Unfurling Part 2 Ramakrishna Chedumbarum

The Lion Of Old Style T’ai Chi Ch’uan Dr Gregory T. Lawton

Master Wang Xinwu:
An Interview With Professor Wang Liang Nasser Butt translated by Mungo Zhangruibo

Master Wang Xinwu on Erle Montaigue Master Wang Xinwu

20 Questions with Colin Power

What’s Next? Nasser Butt

A Seminar With Erle Cheyne Towers

The Dreams Of A Field Fence Dr Gregory T. Lawton

As I Remember Master Erle Montaigue Katherine Loukopoulos

The Energies of Taijiquan – Part 4 Nasser Butt

Ode To The Tower Andy Haynes

Hadjios Valley Camp 2021 Details In


Peasant Talk

Useful Contacts

The Art of Louiseneige Be

Lift Hands Magazine Vol.16