Lift Hands Vol.14


Editor’s Note

The House of Mouse The Art of Amy Faulkner

Martial Equilibrium Tony Bailey

Erle Montaigue’s Mother Applications To The Small San-sau Peter Jones

The Sword: The Wudang Hand Weapons Part 2
Nasser Butt

Celebration – The Key To Adding More Into Your Training Colin Power

Tony Pillage: The Unpublished Interview
Tony Bailey

Introducing The Guild of Internal Martial & Healing Arts Colin Power

The Medical Implications of Combat
T’ai Chi Ch’uan Techniques: Investigating Blunt Force Trauma – Part 2
Dr. Gregory T. Lawton

20 Questions with Neil Kirkland

Take Me With You Dr. Gregory T. Lawton

Kobudo Kata Competitions: Some Facts Katherine Loukopulos

Grandmaster Brian Jones: A British Martial Arts Pioneer Neil Kirkland

The Energies of Taijiquan – Part 2 Nasser Butt

Hadjios Valley Camp 2020 Details

Peasant Talk

Useful Contacts

The Art of Louiseneige Be

Lift Hands Magazine Vol.14