Lift Hands Vol.10


Editor’s Note

The House of Mouse The Art of Amy Faulkner

Confessions of a T’ai Chi Ch’uan Heretic Dr Gregory T. Lawton

Hsiung Yang-ho’s San Shao Form Harvey Kurland MSC, CSCS, MFS

Waving Through The Window Dr Gregory T. Lawton

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Nasser Butt

Excess Strength And The Mind Krish Pillay

Chang Yiu-chun Nasser Butt

Erle Montaigue’s Mother Applications To The Small San-sau
Peter Jones

Erle Montaigue – A Brief Biography Nasser Butt

What Do Bodybuilders And Boxers Have In Common That Martial Artists Do Not?
Dr Jo Whitaker

The 12 Secret Rings of the Yang Family: Conclusion Nasser Butt

The 12 Secret Rings of the Yang Family: A Review Dr Gregory T. Lawton

20 Questions: Dr Jo Whitaker

Rich Smith – 2019 World Champion Sport Nunchaku Nick Engelen

Death of the Sifu
Dr Gregory T. Lawton

Huo Chi Kwan Returns To China Alan R. Ludmer

Peasant Talk

Useful Contacts

The Art of Louiseneige Be

Lift Hands Magazine Vol.10